Saturday, June 4, 2011

Old stuff.

I once had an art teacher (1 out of.... the.... 3? I've had? lol. I am not an educated girl, wooo!) who told the class about how awful it was to spew out every little scribble and scrap that you draw onto the internet. it should be substantial and something you're proud of.

i'd probably disappoint him with this, because this is some unfinished stuff i had hanging around in PSD files for the last year or so that I actually liked the start of, but didn't really have the... motivation/inspiration to finish for whatever reason. i want to share them anyways, so yeah. Sorry Mr Art Teacher man.

^^this one was for a story i was going to write about this sorceress chick who traps her greatest wizard-enemy into the body of a cat, so she gets to keep him around and tease him whenever she wants.